Holstein Ipe Wood Violin Bow

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Instrument Size: 3/4


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Susan H.

Such a nice find!

I am so pleased with this bow. I didn't know there were quality wooden bows at this price. I thought my only options were Brazil wood and Pernambuco - and I knew I wanted the better wood. I recently picked up a second-hand fiddle that had been sitting in a closet since 1974. In the case was a 3/4 length bow, with a split and broken tip, reattached with what looks like old library glue. It has about 50 discolored hairs left on it, but it SOUNDS and FEELS better than any other bow I've played with. I suspect it is Pernambuco - but in its condition, it isn't worth rehairing. Besides, I want and need a 4/4 bow. So, I came to Fiddlershop, looking for a Pernambuco bow I might be able to afford. I was disappointed - the only ones in my price range were "hybrid" bows: carbon fiber wrapped in Pernambuco. I started a chat with customer service to get more data on the two brands they offer - and to ask if the Pernambuco would temper the carbon fiber enough to please me. The agent realized that I really wanted an all-wood bow, but that I didn't realize there was an affordable option. She told me about ipe wood - and I ordered the bow. This is SO MUCH FUN to play with. It is superior in sensitivity and tone to carbon fiber and Brazilwood bows I have used. And it's better than my little glued-up fiddlestick that before today was my favorite bow. Customer service wins for Fiddlershop again. And their products keep me coming back.

Heather W.

This is a great bow.

This is a great bow. I actually bought the JohnPaul Ipe bow first (only because this one was out of stock), and it slipped out of my hand and snapped. I was sick after spending that much money. I replaced it with this one...it was back in stock. \r\n\r\nI like this bow better than the JohnPaul. The JohnPaul was more money for alot of foo foo and a name. \r\n\r\nYou can't beat fiddlerman products. I'm very happy with this bow, and wished I had been patient and waited for it to come back in stock.


Received my

Received my Holstein IPE bow yesterday and I have to say, fiddlershop delivered for me again and exceeded my expectations! I have been using the carbon fiber fiddlerman bow since I started playing and have been happy with it overall, but this is a nice step up. �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� I have been working on a beginner Concerto, Ridding, Oskar in B Minor Op 35 and I was having trouble with some of the slurs. It wasn't the fingerings, but getting them to sound even or have them build in volume. After a short time playing with the new bow it's already sounding much better. Also my 4th finger notes sound cleaner. �� �� �� �� The IPE bow feels very well balanced and seems to get along great with my Holstein violin and current strings, pirastro eudoxa. �� �� �� �� �� ��Thanks again Pierre, really great bow for the money.��

Lindsey B.

I bought this

I bought this bow wanting to try a good quality wooden bow without breaking the bank, I feel a tad more environmentally conscious as well since Ipe wood is not endangered. This bow is absolutely beautiful. It sounds wonderful with my violin and while I still love my Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber bow it adds some subtle warmth and a bit more 'sing' to the notes, at least from what I hear. There also seems to be more vibration to the notes and as such a bit more resonance. If you're wanting to branch out into wood bows but not buy the cheapo brazil wood and you can't afford the pernambuco ones yet this is a great middle ground! Highly recommended!!!

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