Holstein Braided Steel Violin Tailgut

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Francis K.
Singapore Singapore

Braided Steel Tailgut

I have tried StradPet’s, Wittner’s and Holstein’s braided tailgut. IMO, compared to the standard nylon (Sacconi) tail guts, braided steel/titanium tail guts do modulate the tone because they do not damp the vibrations as nylon does, thus more energy is being fed back into the instrument vs being absorbed by the nylon gut. Also, the steel/titanium guts reduce the string angle between the saddle and the bridge, because they have a smaller diameter than a nylon gut, which can be a good or a bad thing. Generally, within reasonable limits, a more acute angle gives a more aggressive tone and a gentler angle gives a more resonant tone. That being said, an angle that is too small on the tailpiece side of the bridge, can start to act as a mute. I have found that the Wittner steel gut is too thin for my instrument. I cannot use it without having my saddle raised a little. StradPet’s gut is considerably thicker, and works for my instrument, but it is a hassle to set up. The strands are loosely wound and if you are not careful when setting and re-setting up, they’re prone to unravelling and kinking up. No prizes for guessing which steel tailgut I have on my instrument right now. (; Holstein’s braided gut happens to be the right fit for my instrument. Not too thin in diameter, and not flimsy. It is easy to adjust and center, the threads are smooth, and the price is a steal. Maybe it is time to make a variation in black soon? (; Thank you Fiddlershop, pleasure doing business with you

Peter A.
United States United States

Solid and easy to use!

I recently installed this tailgut onto an Ebony harp tailpiece. In the past I have used the titanium tailgut, but found this exponentially easier to set-up. Sound-wise it gives a nice depth with the strings that I am currently using, it darkens them a bit. I'd certainly recommend this over nylon and it is a close toss up to the titanium, just so much easier use. Excellent product!

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