Fiddlerman Fiberglass Violin Bow
Fiddlerman Fiberglass Violin Bow
Fiddlerman Fiberglass Violin Bow
Fiddlerman Fiberglass Violin Bow
Fiddlerman Fiberglass Violin Bow


Fiddlerman Fiberglass Violin Bow

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This is our high quality fiberglass composite violin bow. It is complimented with a beautiful ebony frog with mother of pearl eye and slide. Each comes with quality Siberian horse hair.

An excellent playing experience- well balanced and warm tone. Very nice arch with good bounce and action. If you are not satisfied with this bow, return it to us within 30 days for a full refund. You only pay for the return postage. These fiberglass bows are dependable and strong. Weighs ~ 57.5 grams


  • Professional quality arch for exceptional action and rebound
  • High quality fiberglass composite hollow stick delivers superior resonance and balance
  • Unaffected by humidity and temperature fluctuation- excellent for traveling musicians
  • Real Siberian horsehair 
  • Durable imitation leather wrap
  • Quality ebony frog delivers excellent vibration transfer from hair

Bow Length

4/4: 29.5 inches
3/4: 27.2 inches
1/2: 24.5 inches
1/4: 21.6 inches

Bow Weight:

4/4: 58-60 grams
3/4: 47- 54 grams
1/2: 49-52 grams
1/4: 45-48 grams

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