E.M. Penzel German Violin Bow Antique No. 133
E.M. Penzel German Violin Bow Antique No. 133
E.M. Penzel German Violin Bow Antique No. 133


E.M. Penzel German Violin Bow Antique No. 133

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Emil Max Penzel is a bow maker from 1878 to 1953. He worked as a bow maker his whole life and founded his own company in Erlbach, Germany in 1907. His workshop is still making bows to this day. it goes in his family. Emil is now the great-great uncle of the present head of company founded by him.

His early bow was were based upon those of the leading French maker, Lamy. Soon Emil developed his own unique designs, marked with "E.M. Penzel" as a guarantee of authenticity and quality of his work.

E.M. Penzel made this perfectly balanced bow was made around 1930. The round stick is of good strength, high tension and fine elasticity. It is made of brown-red pernambuco, and the Persian eye is shaped with silver fittings that suit Penzel's preferred "French" style. Emil made this bow out to be played warm, fluid, precise, noble and delicate sound.

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