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JonPaul Fusion Violin Bow

JonPaul Hybrid Bow Review JonPaul "Fusion" Carbon Fiber and Wood Hybrid. This high-grad..


JonPaul Bravo Carbon Fiber 4/4 Violin Bow

For the price, the Bravo is considered one of the most underrated bows in the industry, the Bra..


JonPaul Corona Violin Bow

JonPaul Corona Bow Review * Crafted in USA * Professional-grade Stick * Hand-Wood Fin..


JonPaul Avanti Violin Bow Pre-Order

JonPaul Avanti Violin Bow

The classic Avanti has been in the JonPaul family from the beginning. When we proposed retiring th..


JonPaul Carrera Violin Bow Pre-Order

JonPaul Carrera Violin Bow

Jonpaul Carrera Violin Bow review We set the bar high with the Carrera, modeling it after an ..


JonPaul Ipe Wood Violin Bow

Stamped: I Pierre ("I" stands for Ipe) Ipe is an excellent tone wood, wood found throughout C..


Jean-Paul Pernambuco Silver 1-star Violin Bow

Jean-Paul JP3 Pernambuco Violin bow with Silver mounting. This is the luxury line made by Jon..


JonPaul Vibrant Violin Bow

Sparkling ruby metallic-woven carbon fiber. The JonPaul Vibrant is stunning and it plays like a m..


Jean-Paul Pernambuco Silver 2-star Violin Bow

Jean-Paul JP4 Pernambuco Violin bow with Silver mounting. This is the luxury line made by..


Jean-Paul Pernambuco Nickel Violin Bow

Traditionally crafted Pernambuco bows for the discerning player. Our JEAN-PAUL stamped Pernambuco..


JonPaul Vetta Violin Bow

We set the bar high with the Vetta, modeling it after an exquisite Pajeot we had on loan. While t..


JonPaul Bandera Wood Violin Bow

JonPaul Bandera Wood Violin BowBandera is another great type of wood for bows, and we are loving the..


JonPaul Noir Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

The Noir is an excellent student-level carbon fiber bow.The JonPaul Noir is durable, yet sophisticat..


JonPaul Muse Violin Bow

JonPaul developed the Muse in response to the many requests for a bow that plays like the Carrera..


JonPaul Matrix Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

The Matrix features a beautiful burgundy woven carbon fiber.The JonPaul Matrix combines precision bo..