JonPaul Corona Violin Bow
JonPaul Corona Bow Review

* Crafted in USA
* Professional-grade Stick
* Hand-Wood Finish
* Nickel-Silver Mountings
* Silver-Alloy Tip

The Corona came about after visiting with many shops and players where we asked what would be the ultimate bow offered under $700. The criteria was wide; weight, balance, strength, price, finish, etc. The Corona was our answer. The firm stick has deep camber to fit both the classical and contemporary styles.

This carbon fiber composite bow features enhanced camber for articulate and resonant playing. The hand colored wood-like finish is permeated through the entire stick for extreme durability. It is mounted with a traditional ebony frog, and an alloy tip accentuates the Peccatte/Maline style head.

Warranty Info

We at Fiddlershop guarantee JonPaul Bows for life. If there is a defect, we will repair or replace the bow free of charge. It's as simple as that!

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JonPaul Corona Violin Bow

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