Order a high-quality viola from Fiddlershop now and discover the best value in classical stringed instruments on the market today! Our comprehensive assortment of violas ranges from simple yet elegant beginner’s models to more intricate and refined designs that raise the bar for players everywhere. All violas from our workshop are tested by master musician Pierre Holstein (aka Fiddlerman) himself to ensure the ultimate in playability and tone right out of the box. Your order is protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether you’re looking for a low-cost viola to help a new student discover this amazing instrument, or you require an orchestra-worthy instrument crafted of the finest woods for an impeccable sound - we have it! Browse today, and contact us directly to learn more!

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Fiddlerman Concert Viola Outfit

Fiddlerman Concert Viola ReviewFiddlerman Concert Violin ReviewEvery Fiddlerma..


Fiddlerman Artist Viola Outfit

 THE FIDDLERSHOP FAMILY Why is Fiddlershop growing so fast and blowing away its compe..


Cecilio Handmade Rosewood Viola CVA-400

Viola Features Hand carved solid spruce top with solid flamed maple back & sides Satin va..


Cecilio Handmade Premium Viola CVA-600

Cecilio CVN-600 Viola ReviewViola Features Hand carved select* solid spruce top with fine gra..


Cecilio Handmade Ebony Viola CVA-500

Cecilio CVA-500 Review Viola Features Hand carved solid spruce top with solid flamed mapl..


Scott Cao 750e Viola -10%

Scott Cao 750e Viola

The 750E is the same as the 750 model above except it is made from all European woods like the 85..

$1,500.00 $1,350.00

Fiddlerman Master Viola Outfit

When you buy this violin, it will arrive ready to play out of the box! • Made by the ..


Fiddlerman Apprentice Viola Outfit

Fiddlerman Apprentice Viola Review The Fiddlershop Family Why is Fiddlershop growing so fast a..


Scott Cao 600 Viola

Well Flamed Chinese maple, European spruce, Indian ebony fingerboard, ebony fittings, and one fin..


Scott Cao 750 Viola

Scott Cao 750 Viola Review* Quality maple * Italian spruce * Indian ebony fingerboard ..


Johannes Kohr Viola K500V-P

Johannes Kohr. Our flagship student instrument - it's so good, we know of several people who pl..


Scott Cao 017 Viola

-Chinese maple with a moderate flame and spruce top.-Indian ebony fingerboard, Indian rosewo..


KRUTZ - Series 400 Viola

KRUTZ Series 400 ViolasKRUTZ Series instruments raise the bar for student level instruments...