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Ming Jiang Zhu 905 Violin

Ming Jiang Zhu Violin Review This is the real deal! Authentic Ming Jiang Zhu violins. We ..


Professional High-grade Acoustical "Harp" Violin Tailpiece

This tailpiece design allows for a slightly longer string length, meant to enhance resonation and..


Mongolian Horse Hair-Select Quality-Violin or Viola

1 hank of Select quality Mongolian horse hair , available in black and white.  - 1 hank ..


Fiddlerman Soloist Violin Outfit

Fiddlerman Soloist Violin Review The Fiddlershop Family Why is Fiddlershop growing so fast and..


Ming Jiang Zhu 909 Violin

Ming Jiang Zhu 909 Violin Review This is the real deal! Authentic Ming Jiang Zhu violins. ..


Ming Jiang Zhu 925 Violin

Ming Jiang Zhu 925 Violin Review Here's a violin from our favorite violin maker; Ming Jiang..


Holstein Soil Stradivarius Violin

Holstein Soil Violin Review The Soil Stradivarius violin was originally made in 1714 by A..


GCV Cremona Violin - Kreisler Model

Cremona Kreisler Violin Review These violins are so good that we have a hard time believin..


Scott Cao 750 Violin

Scott Cao 750 Violin Review Scott Cao 750 Violin The 750 series violin starts the Scott Cao arti..


Ming Jiang Zhu 903 Violin

Ming Jiang Zhu 903 Violin Review The Ming Jiang Zhu 903 violins are made at the Noble Hea..


Holstein Amati Violin

Holstein Amati Violin Review This is our wonderful replica of the original Amati violin m..


Holstein Traditional Panette Violin

Video we made for a customer: Holstein Traditional Panette Guarneri Violin * Real hand ..


Holstein David 1740 Violin

This Holstein violin is a replica of the original Guarneri Del Gesu violin made in 1740, but with..


Scott Cao 1500 Violin

The Scott Cao 1500 series violins feature an exact copy varnish along with the highest quality Bo..


Holstein Traditional Lord Wilton

* Real hand applied oil varnish * Antiqued wood - dried a minimum of 10 years * Real quality ebo..