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August F. Kohr violin HC602

August F. Kohr violin HC602
Brand: August Kohr
Product Code: HC602
Availability: In Stock
Price: $1,029.00 & Free Shipping! Details

August F. Kohr violin HC602

Master violin with choice tonewoods, beautiful medium satin, medium reddish-brown to golden-brown finish. Clear, big sound with fine sound projection. Rich tone. One or two piece backs available. All are made entirely by hand & hand finished, of course. Only well seasoned tonewoods are used. We guarantee these completely! This is the violin that was recommended highly in Strings Magazine.

Previously only the higher prices were given to better instruments after sorting. Now August Kohr makes better violins in every way for "step-ups" so they would not just be "price-ups".
August Kohr has been doing this by using the best air-dried woods, getting the best makers and developing the best finishes.

"These models represent the finest work available today and we can keep the prices reasonable for the foreseeable future" - August Kohr

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