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Glasser Braided Carbon Fiber Bow - Viola

Glasser Braided Carbon Fiber Bow - Viola
Brand: Glasser
Product Code: 3005BCF
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Glasser Braided Carbon Fiber Bow - Viola

Designed with the help of a composite process engineer, and made in an all new state-of-the-art California production facility, these superlative models represent the latest in bow technology. The patent pending braided carbon fiber bows are the ideal choice for expert musicians.

These bows offer exceptional performance, are highly responsive and project a most powerful, clear, rich warm tone.

Unlike standard composite bows, which are hollow, these bows have a solid core to give them a supplementary even feel and balance. The carbon fibers used to make this bow are braided into a continuous pattern. This creates a seamless bow that carries its fiber patterns down its entire length just as the grain of a wood bow is carried down its entire length. They use a natural finish, rather than paint, to showcase the aesthetic beauty of this bow's interwoven design. The bows feature deluxe ebony Paulus frogs made in Germany. The Frogs are nickel, silver and gold mounted and have the highest quality goldfish abalone pearl slide and large eye.

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