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Hartke KM60 Amplifier

Hartke KM60 Amplifier
Product Code: KM60
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Hartke KM60 Amplifier

* 60 Watts of Power
* 10" Aluminum Cone Driver + Ceramic Tweeter
* 7-Band Graphic EQ
* XLR Microphone Input, Plus 4 Mono Line Inputs
* XLR Balanced Output

Hartke Keyboard amps are the ideal solution for the player who needs a flexible mix/monitor system to handle a sophisticated instrument rig, and who demands a high quality amplifier that faithfully reproduces the sound, nuances, and soul of their performance.The KM60 has 60 watts of power driving a 10" aluminum cone driver working with a ceramic tweeter, fit in a rugged enclosure, giving you a powerful full-range 2-way professional monitoring system.

For players with multiple keyboards and sound modules an additional mixer isn't needed because the KM60 has one built-in. The mixer has a Mic/Line input on channel 1, as well as three additional line inputs, and a stereo Aux in. The amplifier also features a 7-band graphic equalizer, and an XLR direct output.

The KM60 is easy to transport and the solid construction makes it a reliable performer from night-to-night and venue-to-venue.

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