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Double Bass Rosin

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Kolstein Bass Rosin
Kolstein bass rosin is used worldwide by students and professional orchestral musicians. The Kols..
Pirastro Bass Rosin
Pirastro bass rosin is a medium hard rosin which is used by students and professionals. It is mad..
Pop's Bass Rosin
Used by students and orchestra professionals worldwide, Pop's bass rosin is the best selling bass..
Petz Premium Extra-soft Bass Rosin
Made from pure and natural ingredients, Petz Premium rosin is a low dust rosin which allows the m..
Sherman Bass Rosin
Sherman bass rosin is a harder, good student grade rosin which withstands warm weather well. It c..
Hidersine Super-grip Bass Rosin
Hidersine Super-grip bass rosin is a soft rosin that is best suited for cold, dry weather. C..
Hidersine Regular Bass Rosin
Hidersine bass rosin is a softer rosin of professional quality which is made in England.  Ch..
Thomastik Bass Rosin
Thomastik bass rosin produces a smooth tone with minimal dust which comes in a choice of hard, me..
Petz Bass Rosin
Petz bass rosin is an econimical, low dust rosin of professional quality that guarantees a sure g..
Nyman  Bass Rosin
Nyman rosin is very much like the Carlsson rosin but slightly harder with a medium consistancy wh..
Clarity Bass Rosin, hypo-allergenic
A hypo-allergenic rosin made from a synthetic hydrocarbon resin compound that substantially impro..
Carlsson Bass Rosin
A best seller among orchestral professionals worldwide, Carlsson rosin is medium-soft and produce..