Hiroshi Kono Violin

This violin is made at the Hiroshi Kono workshop in Japan. This workshop is known for producing powerful solo level violins for skilled students. The unfinished violin is shipped to Bill Weaver in America, who makes the bass bar and graduates the top and bottom. The Kono violins are also varnished in America. Fiddlershop plays, tests, and adjusts the violins to perfection!

It is a beautifully crafted violin with a one-piece back and highly antiqued. Many famous artists such as Joshua Bell, Robert Lipsett, and Michelle Kim own Hiroshi Kono violins. They are patterned after the Guarneri Violin's slender body. Their sound quality is powerful, crisp, and responsive. Both warm and complex.

Peter Infeld Violin String Set
Currently only available online in 4/4 (Full size)

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Hiroshi Kono Violin

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