Gelrest - Micro

Gelrest Chinrest and Micro Review

The Gelrest Micro shoulder pad is perfect for the violinist who doesn't use a shoulder rest but still wants protection plus a surface that doesn't slide. Having this secure connection keeps a violinist from having to use excess tension to hold the instrument in place. The Micro is a super low shoulder rest and easily attaches to your instrument without sticky tape or rubber bands by using a new micro adhesive technology, derived from the study of the common gecko. Sticks securely and removes cleanly with no damage to your instrument. No more slipping and sliding!

Easy to install
A GelRest is easy to install — Peel off the liner, attach where desired and it sticks like magic. No rubber bands needed!
When finished playing, remove Micro and re-attach the liner with the shiny side over the micro suction adhesive or leave it on. 
Fits in your case without removing!
The GelRest Micro is so thin that it doesn't necessarily have to be removed each time you put the instrument back in its case.
Depending on your case, it can easily stay on your instrument in place without any risk for damage. This makes it easier to maintain your perfect position.

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Gelrest - Micro

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