The Ultimate Guide to Buying Violin Cases 2016

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Violin Cases 2016


After making an investment on a quality instrument, the next question to ask is if you should get a protective case for it. An instrument case is a great way to add extra security to your instrument and securely hold it in place from any movement. Some cases also provide the right amount of heat to keep your instrument at a safe temperature and level of humidity. At FiddlerShop, we provide a wide array of instrument cases for you to choose from to make sure that your instrument is as safe as can be. Whether you are just starting off playing or are a well-seasoned violin player, an instrument case is well worth it to be sure that you aren't doing any harm to your instrument. Let’s go over a list of some affordable violin cases to help you with your case selection:


Bam Saint Germain Classic Violin Case ($296.00 on sale for $252.00)

Although a pricier case, it's definitely a violin case that will offer you the best protection and will last longer than many other cases you will find. 

Inside Features:

* Inside removable accessory pouch
* 2 bow holders
* Inside cradle made of injected high density polyurethane foam, protecting the instrument against thermal shocks

Outside Features:
* 2 padded backpack straps, adjustable, removable
* Subway handle
* Side handle
* Large expandable external pocket for sheet music
* Flat external front pocket made of reflecting fabric
* Zipper
* External Bam Ballistic fabric, waterresistant, protective against abrasion and tear

2.6kg (5 lbs 12 oz)

FiddlerShop Quality Oblong Violin Case ($249.00 on sale for $199.00)

These are easily $300+ Cases that we now get directly from the factory in containers to save you money!
For 4/4 (Full Size) Only! Weighs ~7 lbs

Case Exterior Features
Music / Sheet Pocket (size of the whole case)
Two Padded Backpack Carrying Straps
Rain / Weather Resistant Top Flap (with magnetic buttons)
Lock with Key
Black and Brown Exterior Color

Case Interior Features
Four Bow Holders
Built-in Humidifier, Hygrometer, and Thermostat
One Large Accessory Compartment
Two Small Accessory Compartments
Velvet Interior - includes violin blanket

Available in colors
Forest Green
Navy Blue
Deep Brown


The Courier Violin Case ($149.00)

All the features you would expect in a luxury suspension case at an economical price. The exterior of this wood shell case is a rugged grey textured rubber that should hold up to years of wear. The inside features a luxurious two-tone velvet with cream accents. The exterior features a large music pocket, subway handle, magnetic suspension, leather neck ties, matching velvet blanket, string tube, recessed hygrometer, and 2 backpack straps. 4/4 violin only, weighs 8.5 lbs. Available in grey exterior with two-tone black, green, blue or red interior and tan accent.This default image is the red interior, but we have a variety of colors such as black, blue, and green.

Core Thermoplastic Oblong Violin Hard Case ($89.00)

Top quality thermoplastic oblong suspension violin case. Very sturdy construction. Plush Blue Interior. 4/4 Only

* Two Bow Holders

* Large Accessory Pocket

* Shoulder Rest Compartment

* Stackable

Core Thermoplastic Shaped Violin Hard Case ($76.00)

Top quality thermoplastic violin suspension case. Very sturdy construction. Plush Black Interior. 4/4 Only

* Two Bow Holders

* Two Accessory Pockets

This is just a small selection of the cases that we carry here at FiddlerShop, you can click on the cases you are interested in viewing here:

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