Ming Jiang Zhu 925 Violin

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Ming Jiang Zhu 925 Violin Review

This is the top of the line violin from our favorite violin maker; Ming Jiang Zhu. These violins compete with violins worth many times more. Why pay 3x more for a German violin that doesn't sound any better?

  • Comes with certificate of authenticity
  • These violins go through Fiddlershop's famous setup process and we make any necessary adjustments at our shop before shipment
  • Comes with a quality oblong violin case

This violin is made by Ming Jiang Zhu's top luthiers at the Noble Heart Workshop (who have been at this workshop for a minimum of 10 years). They have chosen the finest selection of woods in their batch of imported fine European woods. You have the finest spruce from Italy and Maple from Bosnia. These woods are so hard to come by, only about one a month is made. The cost of the wood is about 10x the cost of the wood they use for the Ming Jiang Zhu 909.

Fittings: Boxwood

Bridge: Professional level Despiau Three Tree or Aubert

Strings: Evah Pirazzi Green or Thomastik Vision. The strings chosen might differ depending on the characteristics of each instruments. For any string preference, please leave add a comment to your order.

About the maker

Ming Jiang Zhu - Winner of the Violin Society America Gold and Silver twice, plus countless other international awards. Mr. Zhu’s instruments are highly recognized for their remarkable sound quality and power typically reserved for fine Italian Instruments. Time Magazine has said of Mr. Zhu; “…China can now lay claim to producing a contemporary equivalent to the famed Stradivarius…”

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Roger H

Min Jiang Zhu 925 Excellent Violin

Upgraded from MJZ 909 which was also a great violin. The 925 has a much richer voice and really sings, that is the best description, it really sings. The volume and projection of this violin is amazing and I will say, it is easier to play. The craftsmanship improvement is noteworthy, the fit and finish is excellent. The two pc back almost looks like a one pc back since the seam is so well done. Special thanks to Michael and Clare for being great to work with. Highly recommend this violin.

Nona Lawrence

An upgrade it is

I couldn’t be happier with my new Ming Jiang Zhu 925...it’s naturally really bright and powerful so stands out amazingly well when playing in groups. But when playing solo, it has depth and a full sound...worth every penny!!

Kathy F.
United States

Wonderful Shoppe, Wonderful experience!

Honestly, I cannot adequately describe what a pleasure it was to work with Michael. He went above and beyond what one would expect. All my questions were promptly answered and the experience was unequaled. I tried out several different violins and decided to buy the Ming Jiang Zhu 925. It was a little more than I originally intended to spend but well worth the purchase. I absolutely love this violin. The tone gets better and better each time I play, although it sounded wonderful from the start. I could not be happier to have found “Fiddlershop”, and if you want the best quality in merchandise and service, this is the place to shop!

Farid Hussain

The day it arrived

Hello Pierre and Michael I got the violin home moments ago after about 10 days at the airport because that's the time it took for the process to complete. I unpacked carefully , took the violin out and it was beautiful - the strings were in tune . I started to play and it was wonderful and it sounded just like in the video; I played some more, a bit of Bach and there were many possibilities to explore. There were no dull notes or blemishes and the tone was good throughout the spectrum . The projection could not be faulted either and there was no dearth of power. I started to play some more passages , differently each time and some improvisation and the violin responded well.Whether its a slow moving melody one shapes at whim or a sautille passage or anything else the violin has much to give. Its the best violin I have now and it has an individual sound that is instantly compelling. The G string has a distinct character that is hard to define but is beguiling none the less and the two middle ones are sublime too; the E is sweet and much besides and it can be curiously bird like if one wants. An ideal violin sound is hard to imagine but if there is one this 925 approaches it in my opinion and surpasses many expensive models Its easily playable as well and the credit for this goes to the luthiers . Setting up a violin is tricky business and not least because of players preferences but to do it from afar and so expertly is an eye opener.Thanks Michael and the luthiers and a special thanks to Pierre for making dreams come true. Thanks Farid

Jason L

I didn't want

I didn't want to jump on here the day after I received this wonderful instrument and gush, so I patiently waited.Now that I've had this baby over a month, I can gush! It has opened up into a WONDERFUL, delicate, refined and warm sound that I've never ever heard on any instrument that I've played. It is a wonderful sound that cannot be described. I can be loud, but it is never harsh. I've owned multiple fiddles/violins over the years, and this one outplays them all, but a HUMONGOUS margin. The videos that Fiddlerman has posted don't do it justice. But, they are the best way, short of trying it home for yourself, to hear all the wonder this thing can create. I was dubious at first---another Chinese violin, whoopdedoo. But, after listening and listening, and trying other instruments...I kept coming back to this one. It has NOT disappointed. It won't disappoint you, either.

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