Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe Violin Outfit

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Rhonda D.
United States United States

Love it!

Beautiful violin, love the boxwood tailpiece and chin rest, fretboard and action is very smooth, amp,ensure to play, broad palette of tone and volume, just as clear pianissimo as forte......very lightweight, very nicely equipped with Holstein premium rosin and a nice wooden shoulder rest,,..takes a week or 10mdays for the strings to settle in and hold tune but after that break in period, stays in tune pleased with the entire Concert Deluxe violin package including the prompt shipping...I’ll be back!

Holly C.
United States United States

Love this gorgeous instrument!

I have twins and my daughter needed to upgrade from a 3/4 size to full and we decided after reading and watching the demonstration of the Artist violin that we would order that one. We liked it so much, the sound mostly, that we decided to upgrade my son's violin too, even though he already was playing a full sized student model as there was no comparison in the sound of the two instruments. He decided he wanted a different one from his sister's so we chose the Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe. It is a gorgeous pretty! The sound quality is a bit different than the Artist, maybe a bit warmer?, but the kids played each other's instruments and they decided to trade and he took the Artist and she LOVES the Concert Deluxe! We are very happy with our purchases and the boost it's given them each to practice a bit more! I highly recommend purchasing from Fiddlershop!!!

A Fiddlershop Customer
Robert D.
United States United States

Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe Violin Outfit

Over all I think this was a good purchase I'm a beginner and I'm still just learning how to hold and play as well as read the notes the hardest thing I've really had to deal with is just making sure the bow is tight enough and applying the rosin using the supplied rosin just not sure the bow is getting enough on it as the rosin just doesn't seem to be wearing much. Glad I purchased this thru Fiddlerman I attempted to get one first thru another provider and it arrived broken my Fiddlerman was shipped during a hurricane and it arrived in great condition. Yes can definitely say it's a challenge but am enjoying it. A Thank you to all at Fiddlerman.

Jackie L.


First of all, gotta give props to support for quick response and fast delivery. But DAMN, the sound is amazing. It's very rich and resonant, and easy on the ears. Considering that you get the extra accessories too, the price is a serious steal. This thing is seriously a mile and a half above other violins at this price range.

Cynthia Q.

Review of Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe Outfit and Online Purchase and Shipping

My current violin is a warm violin, and fiddle music and more cheery happy-go-lucky songs sound a tad too dark or warm to my thinking. I decided to purchase the Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe Violin Outfit. The purchase was a great experience. I got a lot of help from Fiddlershop, without being pushed. My violin outfit was assembled. Pierre made me a video where he displayed the violin and played it for me to make sure it was correct. It was lovely and I responded with a go ahead. The packaging of this violin, which is something that concerned me, was fantastic. There was a cardboard bridge protector over the bridge area. The violin was in a soft Fiddlershop drawstring bag. The bag with violin was secured in the violin holder section of the case and strapped at the neck. All the accessories that came with the violin were in the accessory compartment. Nothing was missing. The checklist that was used by the team was included, also. The violin was inside a soft cloth bag with cardboard protecting the bridge, secured in the case with the accessories. The case was then put inside a sturdy box and packed tightly with light brown paper all around. Everything was perfect when it arrived. The Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe Violin is beautiful. It has a wonderful finish. It is obviously very well made. I love the sound. It is brighter than my warm violin, but not piercing. To my ears, a lot of bright violins can sound cheap and hollow, I had one before my current warm violin. This Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe has a full sound. I absolutely love it. It is easy to play. The fiddle songs and happy-go-lucky songs sound much nicer on this violin, than my warmer violin. COMPARISON TO MY PAST AND CURRENT VIOLINS Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe vs Revelle 500QX (I no longer have this violin): My first violin, was a Revelle 50QX. It was a nice violin. But, it ended out beginning to sound too bright and I no longer have it. It cost me a little more than my Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe. Both violins have a great quality build, but I have to say my Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe might have an edge over my former Revelle 500QX. The Revelle did cost me more than I spent on my Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe, so the build of the Fiddlershop Concert Deluxe being of equal or of slightly better quality than the Revelle 500QX comparison was a bit of a surprise. Upon receiving my Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe and playing it, I realized the Revelle did not sound as full as this Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe sounds. The Revelle, as I recall, seemed echoey, The Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe has wonderful a nice full bright sound. Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe vs Rudoulf Doetsch: The purpose of the Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe was to get a quality bright violin for fiddling and happy-go-lucky songs. My Rudoulf Doetsch is a warm sounding violin. I was successful. The tone character was expected to be different. I played the “Going to Boston” on both violins. The same song had a slightly different tone on each. On the Rudoulf Doetsch, it was warmer than on the Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe. It sounded nice, but, to me, was not fiddle music sound. Kind of drags it down, mood wise. When I played it on my new Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe violin, the mood changed. It was a happy light song that demanded to be played as such. Even though the Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe is bright, the Fiddlerman Concert Deluxe, still has the full sound. Not a hollow squeaky bright.

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