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GelRest Micro Shoulder Rest

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The Gelrest Micro shoulder pad is perfect for the violinist who doesn't use a shoulder rest but still wants protection plus a surface that doesn't slide. Having this secure connection keeps a violinist from having to use excess tension to hold the instrument in place. The Micro is a super low shoulder rest and easily attaches to your instrument without sticky tape or rubber bands by using a new micro adhesive technology, derived from the study of the common gecko. No more slipping and sliding!

Easy to install

A GelRest is easy to install: Peel off the liner, attach where desired and it sticks like magic. No rubber bands needed! When finished playing, remove Micro and re-attach the liner with the shiny side over the micro suction adhesive or leave it on.

Fits in your case

The GelRest Micro is so thin that it doesn't necessarily have to be removed each time you put the instrument back in its case. Depending on your case, it can easily stay on your instrument in place. This makes it easier to maintain your perfect position.

Attention: The Gelrest Micro has been reported by a couple of customers to have removed varnish when taking off the pad. Even though it’s rare, please be advised that there is a chance, especially if your instrument is old and has sensitive varnish, that some or all of the varnish gets pulled off the violin where the rest touches the instrument.

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Customer Reviews
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Brian O.

Not bad, I enjoy using it but...

I was very pleased when i started using the gel rest, and will continue to use it as my preferred shoulder rest as I often must play in a shirt with high collar which makes the violin too instable on my shoulder/collar bone (i don't use a chin rest or anything, i just rest the violin on my collar bone usually) Anyways it works well and is the probably the best product for the purpose, so i will continue to use it. However i have a few issues with it which is why i give it only 3 stars. I feel the grip could be better, the red sponges actually grip better than this item, so that was a bit of a disappointment as i expected it to be a bit more grippy. Further on the package it says you should removed the micro-rest after playing but on the website and everywhere it says you don't have to remove it, I do remove it after every session as i don't trust the adhesive enough to leave it on the violin for a longer period, I once forget to remove it after practicing and the next morning I felt like it was stuck a bit too well on the varnish, even though it did not leave a mark when i removed it. And now since i am removing every time the packaging it came with is not very hand for unpacking and repacking every time (however on the package it states to put it back in the package after use), as well you must put the contact paper back on to keep the maximum stickyness, not very handy, they could have easily put it in a container wit a smooth bottom that acts like contact paper. Furthermore the stickiness gets a lot worse the more you remove it and put it back, however with the wipe of a damp cloth it gets better, but you have to make sure it is dry before putting it back on the violin which is awkward. I have had it fall of the violin when I had the instrument angled on my collar bone but the gelrest was not touching my shoulder. So something to wacht out for if you are performing somewhere important, make sure it is clean and sticky.


I recently purchased this product

I recently purchased this product and love it. It is great for anyone looking for a little added comfort with minimal impact to your instrument. I would highly recommend this product!

Mike H.
United States


I bought it because it fit in my small case Didn’t like it at first because I was used to a different rest but the more I used it I got used to it


I love this

I love this rest. It does everything it said it would do. I'm short my arm length to my neck is 23 in. And play a 4/4. I needed a rest to bring my violin lower. I've tried others and did better with nothing but my violin slipped around a lot. This is truly amazing so far it has solved my problem. Thank you so much

Deborah G.
United States United States


The product would be good, but it just keeps falling off, even fresh from the package. Frustrating—it’s my second one like this. I may try to find a way to adhere it w/out damaging my instrument. Basically, it’s perfect as a cushion & just the right size, but once you stick it on, keep your instrument under the chin & hang on!

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