Hill Style Tailpiece with Built in Fine Tuners

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Installation Video
The strings are fed from the back/bottom of the tailpiece. Please see instructional video:

Hill-style Tailpiece with 4x Fine tuners

Highest quality Indian woods. We had these made at a 108mm length (shorter than the average tailpiece) in order to give a longer string length, increasing sound quality. They are also lighter than other tailpieces with built in fine tuners. Less weight equals less interruptions in the transfer of vibrations. We have compared these Tailpieces to the Pusch tailpieces ($50+). The wood quality is comparable, but the hardware on the Pusch tailpiece is heavier. On the other hand, the Pusch levers are longer and can tune more, so it works well for both steel core and synthetic core strings (ours is only recommended for steel core).

Available woods

  • Ebony (weight: 20 grams)
  • Boxwood (weight: 17 grams)
  • Rosewood (weight: 18 grams)

This tailpiece is recommended for steel core strings, and here's why;
The fine tuners on these tailpieces don't have a lot of room in the fine tuning area, meaning that the levers don't move as much. They are smaller levers. Synthetic core strings stretch a whole lot more than steel core strings, so you will not get as much use out of the fine tuners with synthetic core strings installed. They will work, but not as they are supposed to. This is why we recommend Steel core strings for this tailpiece. They don't stretch nearly as much and the fine tuners have a much bigger effect on them.

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Roger C.
United States

Ebony tailpiece

I have used these tailpieces for years. I really like them and you have them priced right. I know I'll be ordering again. Thanks.


sound was great...fine tuners&vibration not so much

how should i put this, the sound quality was amazingly clearer and the vibrations was so much more noticeable and and unfortunately that is this things biggest weakness(at least for me) your mileage may vary depending on your violin. for me there was so much vibration in g/d strings played together that the fine-tuners would shake so much that you could hear them in the background of the violin sound and put my strings out of tune slightly !. my A string fine tuner also kept slipping so much that i could pull the screw out with little to no effort(didn't test it until i was tuning my string, rookie mistake on me.) i don't know if i get the flat replacement part where the screw goes into on this type of tailpiece but if it is possible that you could send me one or three of these things and another screw to be on the safe side that should fix that issue(hopefully). and that would conclude this review of this tailpiece, thanks!

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