JonPaul Corona Violin Bow


JonPaul Corona Violin Bow

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The Corona came about after visiting with many shops and players where we asked what would be the ultimate bow offered under $700. The criteria was wide; weight, balance, strength, price, finish, etc. The Corona was our answer. The firm stick has deep camber to fit both the classical and contemporary styles.

  • Crafted in USA
  • Professional-grade Stick
  • Hand-Wood Finish
  • Nickel-Silver Mountings
  • Silver-Alloy Tip

This carbon fiber composite bow features enhanced camber for articulate and resonant playing. The hand colored wood-like finish is permeated through the entire stick for extreme durability. It is mounted with a traditional ebony frog, and an alloy tip accentuates the Peccatte/Maline style head.

Bow Length: 29.5
Bow Weight: 60-61 grams

Warranty Info

We at Fiddlershop guarantee JonPaul Bows for life. If there is a defect, we will repair or replace the bow free of charge. It's as simple as that!

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Customer Reviews
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Mark M.
United States United States

JonPaul Corona and the Fiddlershop Experience

The overall experience with Fiddlershop was WOW. What great service. What great concepts. Who else will actually ship bows to try out at home, let alone expensive instruments?? I have always been inclined to contact these folks after stumbling on their website a couple years back. I love the passion, and you know it is genuine when the customer service proves it. I can't wait to wander into the actual store when I'm in Florida again. :-) As far the bow, my instructor loved this bow and felt that it was a much better fit for me (vs. the Jean-Paul Pernambuco silver-2 star, which was also in my price point, and which I also trialed) because she felt it would allow a much wider range for my development. (Versus the Pernambuco, which...aesthetically a gorgeous stick). Pernambuco bow was also noticeably heavier for me as well, post-surgically repaired hands. As my instructor is an experienced player/instructor (with equal enthusiasm as the Fiddlershop folks) I truly valued her assessment that it was a "really good bow for this price." Again, my level is basically at the well-developed beginner level...heading to intermediate. Definitely in my price point, and a definite upgrade to what I have been using. Thanks! Will definitely be back.

John P.
United States United States

It Really is a Gem

Out of the box the playability and ease crossing strings in Vivaldi 4 seasons and brandberg concertos was far beyond the bows I use mostly DC Strads. Bows are unique to the player but one thing you cannot deny on this one. Weight, balance, and flexibility were above its price mark. And that is hard to find. As far as finding the bow that is a difficult task to do virtually as well. Fiddlershop makes it much easier by having videos displaying various styles of playing with different bows and relevant commentary. That made it a lot easier to hone in on the bow I was interested in. Great company and great bow! I will shop here again.

United States United States

JonPaul Corona, Great bow!

I bought the JonPaul Corona bow, I might had if feels very light, the bow is Mellow and very smooth, I have a coda bow nx, and it feels like you are driving on rails, very stable. The JonPaul Corona feels to me like it is gliding on air. I enjoy and like the JonPaul Corona very much, as I figure out it’s personality I am sure I will really enjoy the bow much more. I don’t think you can go wrong with either a Codabow or JonPaul.

Susan F.
United States United States

I really like this bow, and the price at Fiddlershop

Fiddlershop delivered quickly, and their price was better than any other. The Corona bow is a big improvement over my $1000 wood bow--it is a joy to play by comparison.


This is a

This is a very good bow. At the time I was comparing the Corona with the Presto Impulse and Codabow GX. All 3 bows are in the same price range of around $700 more or less. Among these I liked the Corona most.CF bows do not feel or sound like wooden bows, but they play very nicely. The Diamond GX never worked for light bowing for me, neither did the other Diamond NX and SX. I think my violins are just incompatible with the Diamond series. The sound of the GX is probably the best. It is dark and full. The Corona has a more mellow and smooth sound. The Impulse is smooth and little brighter. I personally liked the Impulse sound best, but none produced really exciting sounds.The balance of the Corona bow is very good. It feels light in my hand. Quick string crossings, staccato, piccato, all work very well. The Impulse did not work for me on quick string crossings. No complains about the GX.All of the CF bows have a very quick response! No sluggishness, like many wooden bows. In this category CF bows really excel, for the price. All 3 bows are strong bows, and you can play soft and play hard. However, they also do not have the flex that makes a fine Pernambuco great. The best bows I played, but would not spend the money on, had just a little flex before they all the sudden stiffened up. These CF bows have some flex that builds up very evenly an gradually. But here we are comparing $700 bows to a $6000+ bow, yet it shows there is more to be done on the CF engineering front.If you are looking for a bow that plays nice, is nearly indestructible, and has a decent sound, then one of these 3 will be a very good choice. The Corona is my favorite.

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