Arcus S-Series Violin Bow

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Model: S4
Bow: Round Stick


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Review of the S5, S6, S6 (octagonal) and S7

I wanted to assess the difference between the mid-low and mid-high ends of the S-series line. The S7 cost more than twice as much as the S5: does that translate in any way to better performance? When I first picked up the Arcus bows, I noticed that they were lighter but it didn't feel all that dramatic. I played exclusively with the Arcus bows for a week. When I finally picked up my pernambuco bow the second week, I was blown away at how heavy it felt! It is really quite dramatic when you flip it around like that. I really like the S7! It's incredibly nimble. It is an absolute breeze to go from whisper soft to loud and aggressive without any scratching or harshness. It's like slamming the gas pedal on a dragster without spinning the tires. The stick is super stiff and never collapses down to the hair even when I play really aggressively. Yet I can play super softly and delicately with ease. It is the best bow I've ever played with. I love it! I don't really care for the wrapping on the S6. I know that can kind of stuff can generally be replaced but it's hard to get over during a trial. Of the two S6s, I preferred octagonal over round. The S5 is light but honestly, I'd have just stayed with my Holstein Pierre bow as there wasn't much of a difference to me. In my opinion the S7 outperformed the S5. The S6 was a closer match but I don't care for the wrapping. I'm afraid to touch the S9 for fear that I will want it!

Henry W.
Arcus S6 - tool to explore new ways to play

Arcus S6 (round) was the best carbon fiber bow I tried over 5 weeks. These included JonPaul Avanti, Carrere, Coda Marquise GX, Dimond GX, and Arcus S5, P5,P6. Playing on the light Arcus bow taught me new way to produce sound. Articulations become easier, and nmbow changes can be effortless even near the frog. Switching from S6 back to a wood bow feels like playing on a baseball bat. Arcus S6 has a bigger sound than P6, but I did noticed that it does have a little bit less over tone.

Wood bows are unacceptable - A comparison of the S7, M7, and P7

ver the past month I had the pleasure of trying the following bows: S5, S6, S6 (Octagonal), S7, M7, and P7. The differences between the S5, S6es, and S7 are qualitative so it is really easy to gravitate towards the S7. The S7 is simply better and thus plays and sounds like it. It is hard NOT to prefer it over the others. (See my other review on this page) The differences between the P7, M7, and S7 are much more subtle and far more subjective. They are all excellent bows but have their own forte. It really depends on the material you are playing and what you like. The P7 feels powerful and is much easier to pull gritty, aggressive sounding notes where the S7 requires more work. (more volume and projection with less work) The S7 is easier to play with a very light touch, is super responsive, and definitely brighter. The P7 sounds rich and velvety in the lower registers. The M7 sits somewhere in between, feels exceptionally stable, and sounds very clear. It's easier to get some "bite" with M7 versus the S7 but the softer stick feels less lively. The P7 and M7 both pull fuller, fatter notes with spicatto than the S7. Two things were certain; I couldn't go back to my wood bow (I have been ruined!) and I couldn't buy all three. Ultimately I chose the P7. My advice is to try one from each line within your price range/budget and see what works best for you. In any case, I think you will find it difficult to go back to a wood bow!

United States United States
Fabulous bow

The Arcus S-5 bow is terrific. After an in-home trial of several other bows, when I tried the S-5, I knew it was made for me. And now 90 days later, my opinion of it has only improved. The S-5 is lightweight and agile, but stiff enough to reduce the wobble I was feeling with other bows. The sound is crisp and clear, with a beautiful ring. I appreciate the extensive engineering that has gone into this bow to create something truly unique: it draws out a phenomenal sound from the violin and strings. Wow.

United States United States

They really went above and beyond helping me with my order and shipment requirements. Would highly recommend. Thank you!

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