Arcus P-Series Violin Bow

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Round or Octagonal - In contrast with the solid sticks of wooden bows, the round and octagonal shapes of Arcus sticks give them specific characteristics. The complex cross section of the octagonal sticks is a result of their round inside. This makes them play in a more agile and lively way. The round sticks have a very regular cross section, which gives them a very even and steady feel. Every player should try both versions to find the best match for their own style of playing.

Arcus P4 violin bow

Like all Arcus bows, the P4 offers ideal playing characteristics and precise feedback. Combined with a clear but also warm and full sound this makes it a perfect bow for every student.

Assembly: Stainless steel

Eye: Stainless steel

Frog: Snakewood

Weight: 52gr.

Arcus P5 violin bow

Its great value for money makes the P5 one of our most popular models. Its precision and tonal beauty can improve the performance of every player. Its excellent workmanship and elegant outfit can be compared to the most expensive bows you can find anywhere.

assembly: Silver 935

eye: Pearl

coil: Silver

Frog: Select Snakewood

weight: 53 gr.


Arcus P6 violin bow

On par with the finest wooden bows, the P6 pulls a full, rich and warm sound with a beautiful range of overtones. In combination with its perfect playing properties, clean articulation and superior projection you can easily reach your audience in perfect style.

assembly: silver 935

eye: Select Snakewood/Pearl Outline

coil: silver / black

weight: 53 gr.

Arcus P7 violin bow

The sound of the P7 is notably cleaner, richer and fuller than any wooden bow. It is perfectly suited to blend in with chamber music and orchestra works, but also has the power and brilliance to make yourself heard whenever you want to.

assembly: silver 935

eye: pearl

coil: silver

Frog: Select Snakewood

weight: 53 gr.

Arcus P8 violin bow

The P8 lends every instrument a full, rich and dark sound that still doesn’t lack brilliance. It is as powerful as it is sensitive. Its gold outfit is a tale of supreme quality that will still resonate with later generations of players that may have the pleasure using it some day.

assembly: gold 585

eye: pearl

coil: gold / black

frog: premium snakewood

weight: 48 gr.

Arcus P9 violin bow

Only a small fraction of our P-stick come out with the divine vibration characteristics required to become a P9 every year. Every one of them delivers a marvellous sound with absolute clarity, silky response and unlimited overtone range and power.

assembly: gold 585

eye: pearl

coil: gold

frog: premium snakewood

weight: 53 gr.

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