Arcus M-Series Violin Bow

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Round  -This makes them play in a more agile and lively way. The round sticks have a very regular cross section, which gives them a very even and steady feel. 

Arcus M4 violin bow

The M4 is the ideal starting point into the world of Arcus bows. Its innovative stainless-steel outfit is made to shine for centuries, as is its beautiful sound. It offers the same perfect playing properties as its more expensive siblings.

assembly: stainless steel
eye: Pearl
coil: Silver / Black
weight: 51gr.

Arcus M5 violin bow

The look and feel of the M5 is one of great elegance. Its workmanship and sound is on the level of wooden bows that may cost several times as much. Still, it provides the superior comfort, durability, power and speed that only Arcus bows offer.

assembly: Silver 935
eye: Pearl
coil: Silver
weight: 51 gr.

Arcus M6 violin bow
The M6 is at the very heart of all Arcus bows. It shows what high technology combined with dedicated workmanship can acchive today. Perfect playing properties and a big and beautiful sound make these bows a perfect companion for every orchestra player and any repertoire.

assembly: silver 935
eye: pearl
coil: silver / black
weight: 51 gr.

Arcus M7 violin bow
Think of the best features of every bow you have ever played. Combine these and then ad anything you might ever have wished for: This is the recipy for the M7. You will find yourself uniquely empowered in every concert situation and while practicing the most difficult pieces.

assembly: silver 935
eye: pearl
coil: silver
weight: 53 gr.

Arcus M8 violin bow
The M8 will certainly surpass your highest expectations. It pulls a fantastic sound and plays with incredible subtlety. Its elegant play and perfectly clear sound lends a entirely new level of excitement to the playing the of the classic violin concerts.

assembly: gold 585
eye: pearl
coil: gold / black
weight: 51 gr.

Arcus M9 violin bow
The Arcus S9 is the ultimate bow for every soloist. Its brilliance and power reach far beyond any conventional bow and let the sound extend easily even over a large orchestra. But it also grips the stings without the least resistance, which makes it easy to modulate the most delicate passages to utmost perfection.

assembly: gold 585
eye: pearl
coil: gold
weight:51 gr.

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Wood bows are unacceptable - a comparison of the M7, S7, and P7

Over the past month I had the pleasure of trying the following bows: S5, S6, S6 (Octagonal), S7, M7, and P7. The differences between the S5, S6es, and S7 are qualitative so it is really easy to gravitate towards the S7. The S7 is simply better and thus plays and sounds like it. It is hard NOT to prefer it over the others. (See my other review on the S series page) The differences between the P7, M7, and S7 are much more subtle and far more subjective. They are all excellent bows but have their own forte. It really depends on the material you are playing and what you like. The P7 feels powerful and is much easier to pull gritty, aggressive sounding notes where the S7 requires more work. (more volume and projection with less work) The S7 is easier to play with a very light touch, is super responsive, and definitely brighter. The P7 sounds rich and velvety in the lower registers. The M7 sits somewhere in between, feels exceptionally stable, and sounds very clear. It's easier to get some "bite" with M7 versus the S7 but the softer stick feels less lively. The P7 and M7 both pull fuller, fatter notes with spicatto than the S7. Two things were certain; I couldn't go back to my wood bow (I have been ruined!) and I couldn't buy all three. Ultimately I chose the P7. My advice is to try one from each line within your price range/budget and see what works best for you. In any case, I think you will find it difficult to go back to a wood bow!

Holly Lerner

One lucky beginner

Arcus pitches their M4 as the perfect student, entry level bow. Considering the investment, that, at first, seemed shocking to me. Then I stopped off at Fiddlershop to pick up a couple of bows for my violin teacher and happened to see a new shippment of Arcus bows being unwrapped. I sheepishly asked if I could try a few including the C3 (M�_sing), the P5 and the M4. My intention was just to experience this extravagant fruit. I might add that I have an old wrist injury so I immediately noticed that these surprisingly light bows (51 grams for the M4) were helping me take stress off my wrist. The M4 did come home with me three days ago so this is a preliminary review. My first impressions are: - It is much easier to get to the frog and control the bow with my pinky (it's 51 grams as opposed to my current bow which is 62g) - It is helping me (actually requiring of me) to relax and experience the weight of the bow since it is so relatively light. - It facilitates my efforts to play pianissimo and hear the difference between pp and forte. - The sound is truly sweet. Of course I'm comparing a $1,200 item to a $400 pernambuco and a $200 carbon fiber hybrid so maybe that's not a fair battle. But it was surprising that, even at my beginner level, such differences in sound were unmistakable. I play a Sima Traian. Its sound would well serve a far more experienced orchestra player. It's wonderful to have a bow worthy of my violin... and that combination is extremely motivating.

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