Yumba Abeja Violin & Viola Rosin
Yumba Abeja Violin & Viola Rosin
Yumba Abeja Violin & Viola Rosin
Yumba Abeja Violin & Viola Rosin

Yumba Rosin

Yumba Abeja Violin & Viola Rosin

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Yumba Professional Handmade Bee Violin & Viola Rosin from Argentina!

This line was created for professional orchestra musicians and soloists. The formulas are mixed with excellent natural origin ingredients to attain extraordinary grip and sustain. This exquisite recipe contains genuine beeswax which produces beautiful sonorities with less dust and residue than traditional tree-sap rosins.

Yumba rosins are tapped from the Argentine Littoral - known as the Mesopotamian region, which is surrounded by the Iguazú, Uruguay and Paraná rivers. The tropical weather and rivers which cross the Argentine territory as well as the abundant rainfall produced in the region create excellent conditions for pine growth. The result is one of the most unique rosins in the world.

Yumba’s process of production is sheer artisanal- made from all natural ingredients from Argentina.

Why Yumba?

Yumba is a tango created by Osvaldo Pugliese in 1946 during the "Golden Age of Argentine Tango.” The term comes from the rhythmical onomatopoeia (zhoóm-ba) whose “Zhoóm” or “Yum” syllable refers to the strong beats while “Ba” refers to the weak ones. 

Our intention was to unify the brand with the splendor that is Tango in Argentina 

Moreover, Yumba was named to honor the Tango master Pugliese, who is considered the patron saint of musicians. Last but not least, we are convinced that to play the “yumbeado accent” you gotta rosin that bow.


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Jiri H.
United States United States

Violin Yumba Rosin

I would never believe that a rosin can make such a difference.... I thought rosin is a rosin... I bought Yumba just to try it... and what the surprise..!!! Strings are responding so much better, the sound quality is better and what the pleasure to make dynamics... I will not go back to regular rosin ever... Thank you

Roger R.
United States United States

Yumba Abeja Rosin

I love this rosin, and plan to buy more. I notice a good difference, that I hadn't noticed, with my previous rosin. The Yumba rosin is a finer dust, than my previous rosin.

United States United States

Yumba rosin is an excellent product, one of the best I have ever used.

Jerry S.
United States United States

My new favorite!

I am a classically trained violinist who has been playing folk, pop, and commercial country music in bands, trios, and duos since the mid 1970's. Over the past 5 years I perform mostly solo gigs singing and fiddling to tracks often for 4 or 5 hours straight. I have used virtually all of the well known brands of rosin through the years and none of them compare to my recently purchased Yumba rosin. All 4 of my performing violins are fitted with LR Baggs pickups and virtually all of my playing is amplified through a Bose system, even the classical pieces I occasionally throw in. That being the case, for what I do, this rosin is superb. From the first moment I tried it the difference was astounding...cleaner, faster, smoother...my playing felt effortless. I have played a number of gigs now with this rosin and I the joy hasn't worn off...a terrific product!

Fonzie C.
United States United States

Exceeded My Expectations

I primarily bought this for my 5 string electric Wood Violins Stingray. I've mostly used cheaper end rosin because I honestly never had a cake of rosin survive long in my possession with it breaking from being dropped. But of course, cheap rosin... well you get what you paid for. So this time, I went for something a little nicer and I have to say that it DEFINITELY is some nice stuff. I've immediately noticed more bite off my bow and the higher strings have become less squeaky. Honestly, I don't think I'm ever going to cheap out on rosin ever again after using Yumba. I've officially been converted.

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