Holstein Bench Cannone 1743 Violin

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Nestor M.
Lovely Instrument! You won't be able to put it down!

I recently had an in-home trial Holstein Il Cannone, to see their quality of sound and get a feel for a good quality instrument-- and I was Amazed! the sound is Dark, Mellow, yet not muddy-- powerful and sweet in the high parts, and dark and very rich in the low parts. The more you play it, the more you want to keep playing it! the sound develops as you play it and it feels like its speaking to you back :) I honestly 100% recommend this instrument! especially from fiddlershop! the people at fiddlershop are very heart-warming and caring and will take the time get you the right instrument for you. I couldn't recommend this enough!

Dominic S.
What a violin!

I've had the Cannone for just over a month now and wow is it great. The low end is dark, the middle projects well, and the high end just sings so sweetly. I almost dead ending my practice sessions because I have to put the violin down. I can't wait to hear it in 6 months when it's fully opened. Also, the service I received was just top notch. The set up for the trial was quick and painless. The violin arrived quickly and only required a little tuning, but what violin doesn't need tuning? Honestly, just 5 stars for everything. I'll be recommending this shop to all of my students.

I got my 'il cannone

I got my 'il cannone 2 months ago and I love it! Everything is perfect. The wood, the fingerboard, the back.. its a masterpiece and the sound is also lovely. I can recommend the Fiddlershop - the service is excellent! Thanks to Pierre and Michael.

Alex B.
Great violin with a lot of character

I'm a professional violinist who plays a variety of genres, including classical, bluegrass, Celtic, jazz, and blues. I've had this violin for about a week now and after putting it through its paces, I am extremely happy. It is warm, resonant, and easy to play. It's also projects well which makes it ideal for most of my gigs. When I first received the violin, I was struck by its beauty. The antiquing is very well done, the fittings are gorgeous, and the instrument is simply impressive to look at. During my first playthrough on the violin, I was extremely impressed with the A and E strings. The E was bright, beautiful, and very complex. When I played some high scales on the E string, my wife's draw dropped because she was so impressed with the sound. The A was mellower, warm, but still projected and responded well. It also had a very deep and complex tone. Initially, I thought the D and G strings sounded a bit dull in comparison to the high end. I emailed fiddlershop with my thoughts on the instrument and they sent me a complimentary set of Evah Pirazzi gold strings with the idea that they would help to liven up the sluggish bottom end. After putting them on, they absolutely did. The instrument truly sounds like a Cannone now and I could not be happier. Thank you to fiddlershop for providing me with an instrument that truly inspires me to play my heart out, and that I know will only sound better with time.

United States United States

I've had this Violin for a few days now, and all I can say is wow! This purchase was a "lifetime" instrument purchase for me. This is a big investment! The violin is dark, sweet, and bright in all the right places! My favorite thing about it is when you really "give it a go." It "wakes up" and sounds like no violin I have ever heard in person. It's powerful and fills the entire house with sound. Almost like a cannon! Unlike cheap violins, it keeps every bit of its sweet tones when played loud. It doesn't "bite" you back. I love love love it. The craftsmanship is beautiful, artistic even, but I would love it just as much if it were ****. It just has an amazing sing to it. Bless the people at Fiddlershop, they can really make a one of a kind instrument. Can't wait for it to grow in to its sound! I'm sure it will only get more beautiful! Thanks to everyone at Fiddlershop and especially to the luthier that made mine! A true master!

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