The FiddlerShop Advantage: For Beginners

The FiddlerShop Advantage: For Beginners

We are building quite the reputation for our variety of productsquality violins and stellar customer service. Some of our staff are music educators. John, one of our staff members, wanted to share an important note on first impressions of an instrument on beginners:

“The ability to transition from listener to performer is something to encourage and cherish. Proper adjustment is important for all levels of players but, in my opinion, especially for beginners. First impressions are everything and that certainly applies to learning a new instrument. If the initial experience is negative, the potential of a future with music can be thwarted because of a bad instrument. A beginner will often assume the struggle is their fault and are not cut out to play violin or worse, any instrument.”

Every violin includes our in-house 10 point adjustment from our own professional luthier shop. This saves you the time, hassle, and cost of going to a luthier and spending upwards of $200 on just the setup; that is money that could have gone towards buying a better instrument.

Here is our 10 point checklist we are now including in all our violin orders:
Adjustment Checklist
String height
Bridge seating
Fingerboard check/shaping
E-string parchment
String slots
Peg test/adjustment
Fine tuners/tailpiece/end button - installation/adjustment
Sound post  - cut/placement/adjustment
Structural inspection
Final cleaning
Luthier signature:       Date:

Please contact Fiddlershop via our chat system, or

(954) 530-5999 if you have any questions. We're always happy to assist! :) 

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