Antique / Used Violins

Antique / Used Violins

Here you can find used and antique violins that we normally acquire through trade-ins. We will also be posting "b-stock" violins here that may have a mark/ding or other exterior imperfection. Please remember that we don't sell any violins with functional issues. We still guarantee these violins through our shop!

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Joh. Bapt. Schweitzer Violin Replica Out Of Stock

Joh. Bapt. Schweitzer Violin Replica

Our best guess is that this violin was made somewhere between 1890 and 1910. It's a copy of a "Joh..


Zhengjie Zhao Bench Made Violin - A Quality Out Of Stock

Zhengjie Zhao Bench Made Violin - A Quality

This is a bench made violin by Mr Zhao Zhengjie. He specializes in making high quality solo instrume..


Svetozar Bogdanoski 2008 Violin

Played by the concertmaster of the Liceu opera in Barcelona, Spain - since 2008.Svetozar Bogdanosk..


Svetozar Bogdanoski 1997 Violin

Played by a professional violinist in Europe for 20 years - since 1997.Svetozar Bogdanoski violins..


Andrea Castellani 15.5" Viola - 2008

This Viola was made by Claudio Perversi in collaboration of the owner Andrea Castellani in 2008. It ..