Violin Pegs

Violin Pegs

Tune your violin with confidence and enhance the look, feel, and playability of your treasured instrument by replacing your existing stock pegs with a set of our finely-crafted violin pegs today! At Fiddlershop, we understand how important each component of your instrument is to its overall tone and musicality, so we offer several replacement peg options for violins and violas - as well as peg drops and peg compounds that allow your pegs to turn as intended. Each set of violin pegs comes complete with four intricately designed pegs that are crafted to fit virtually any violin on the market - from French models to planetary-geared violin pegs to Wittner-style Finetune designs, you’ll find the perfect pegs for your valued instrument. And, our top-quality peg compounds keep everything moving freely - no sticking or seizing that can cause tonal aberrations or difficulties tuning your instrument. Order today and we’ll ship right to your front door, and you’ll enjoy low factory direct prices that makes it easier than ever to customize your personal violin or viola. Contact us today to learn more!

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Wittner Finetune Pegs - Violin / Viola

A “non-slip” peg solution for your Violin or Viola. Wittner Finetune Peg Set includes 4 pegs..


W.E. Hill Peg Compound

W.E. Hill Peg Composition (Made in England) is the best known compound for keeping pegs from stic..


Pirastro Peg Compound

The Pirastro Peg Compound is great for pegs that slip or are too stiff due to issues with wood or..


Perfection Planetary Geared Pegs - Violin / Viola

Ebony and Rosewood are only made in 7.8mm!Technical information - Price for 4Shape, w..


Peg Drops - Stops slipping pegs

Peg Drops - Stops slipping pegs Keeps your pegs from slipping.For violin, viola, cello and..


H.C. Peg Compound

H.C. Peg Compound Keeps pegs from sticking.   ..


French Model Ebony Pegs Set -14%

French Model Ebony Pegs Set

French model pegs without holes B-quality Ebony For 4/4 (full sized) Violin Set of 4 pegs ..

$13.80 $11.88