Violin Fingerboards

Violin Fingerboards

Upgrade your existing violin with a new, replacement violin fingerboard from Fiddlershop and you’ll immediately enhance the playability and tone of your treasured stringed instrument. Violins and violas deliver a wide range of tones when played by a skilled musician, and a quality fingerboard can support hauntingly low notes, uplifting crescendos, and cutting middle-range tones with ease. Our top-quality violin fingerboards are designed to seamlessly integrate with any standard violin (4/4 size), and are crafted using dimensionally stable woods - then finished in a pleasing black ebony tone. From economical standard fingerboards that sound great and look sophisticated to more elegant designs that wring every possible nuance from your prized violin, you’ll immediately improve the functionality and looks of your violin with a simple fingerboard swap. And, we even offer a “First Frets” violin fingerboard indicator that makes learning how to identify notes on the fingerboard as simple as possible. Add our 100% satisfaction guarantee and low pricing and you have a winning combination - browse our selection of violin fingerboards today!

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First Frets Violin Fingerboard Sticker

First Frets Violin finger position indicator sticker. No need to painstakingly place tapes on..


Fingerboard - Violin Ebony - Great Quality

Quality Ebony Violin Fingerboard Natural Black Ebony, made in India Available in 4/4 only ..


Fingerboard - Violin Ebony - Good quality

Good Quality Ebony Violin Fingerboard Natural Black Ebony, made in India Available in 4/4, 3/..


Fingerboard - Violin Ebony - Best quality

Our absolute Best Quality Ebony Violin Fingerboard, made in India - Available in 4/4 only ..