Cello Accessories

Cello Accessories

Find a new cello bow, case, pickup, mute, and many other cello accessories here at Fiddlershop. Your cello is a finely-crafted instrument that deserves the absolute best accessories to guarantee optimal playability, performance, and durability. At Fiddlershop, you’ll find a wide range of cello accessories, each designed to deliver the performance and value we are known for. Browse today and discover cello bows, cases, endpin rests and tips, tuning instruments, cello stands and more. From replacement or repair parts like cello pegs, strings, and more, to maintenance items like cello rosin, polish and cleaners, you’ll find it all when you shop with us. You’ll even discover a range of musician-related accessories, like music stands and lights, sheet music, and maintenance tools - all at factory direct prices and available for immediate shipping right to your front door. For more information about our diverse assortment of cello accessories or to learn more about all cello-related products available at Fiddlershop, contact us today!

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Xeros - Cello endpin rest

Xeros endpin anchor / rockstop for cello  ..


Wood Instrument Care Package

This set includes: 1x Polish Bottle 1oz 1x Cleaner Bottle 1oz 2x Polishing Cloths ..


W.E. Hill Peg Compound

W.E. Hill Peg Composition (Made in England) is the best known compound for keeping pegs from stic..


W.E. Hill and Sons Cello Rosin

W.E. Hill and Sons dark cello rosin, made in England.   ..


Tourte Cello Mute, viol-shaped

Tourte (genuine) viol-shaped, one hole cello mute.   ..


Tourte Cello Mute, round-shaped

Tourte (genuine) round-shaped, two hole cello mute.   ..


Suzuki Cello School Method Book, Vol. 8

Vol. 8 Selections - Sonata in G Major (Allegro, Grave, Vivace) (Sammartini) Allegro Appass..


Suzuki Cello School Method Book, Vol. 7

Vol. 7 Selections - Largo and Allegro from the Sonata in G minor (Eccles) Bourrees from th..


Suzuki Cello School Method Book, Vol. 6

Vol. 6 Selections - The Swan from Carnival of the Animals (Saint-Saens) Allegro from Conce..


Suzuki Cello School Method Book, Vol. 5

Vol. 5 Selections - Sonata in E Minor, Op. 14, No. 5 (Largo, Allegro, Largo & Allegro) (V..


Suzuki Cello School Method Book, Vol. 4

Vol. 4 Selections - Sonata in C Major, Op. 40, No. 1 (Allegro & Rondo grazioso) (Breval)..


Suzuki Cello School Method Book, Vol. 3

Vol. 3 Selections - Berceuse (Schubert) Third Position Tonalization: The Moon over the Rui..