Cello Pegs

Cello Pegs

Cello players know that the individual components, like cello pegs, that make up an instrument are just as important as the cello body as a whole. Cello pegs, mutes, rests, strings, and the various compounds are designed to enhance playability. You’ll find everything you need to deliver full, accurate tones from your prized instrument at Fiddlershop. Cello pegs are available today in a range of sizes and wood types to match your unique instrument. Choose from standard sizes like 12.0mm, 13.0mm, and up, and ABS synthetic construction, ebony, rosewood, and more. Once you attach a set of new cello pegs to your instrument, you’ll immediately improve the playability and functionality of your cello - then simply ensure you maintain your instrument with high-quality peg drops or compound to minimize the chance of peg slippage. Once you’ve determined the appropriate cello peg size and desired material, simply place your order and we’ll ship directly to you in a matter of days. Enjoy incredibly low prices and our legendary customer service - contact us today to discover our wide range of cello pegs and accessories!

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W.E. Hill Peg Compound

W.E. Hill Peg Composition (Made in England) is the best known compound for keeping pegs from stic..


Perfection Planetary Geared Pegs - Cello -26%

Perfection Planetary Geared Pegs - Cello

Technical information - Price for 4 Shape, weight & taper Perfection pegs have a st..

$149.00 $109.99

Peg Drops - Stops slipping pegs

Peg Drops - Stops slipping pegs Keeps your pegs from slipping. For violin, viola, cello and..


H.C. Peg Compound

H.C. Peg Compound Keeps pegs from sticking.   ..