About Us

Fiddlershop.com has thrived out of this demand for a quality resource of stringed instruments and accessories. We really appreciate you taking the time to visit our site as we have personally tested thousands of violins and music products and curated a selection that can't be matched elsewhere. From beginner to pro, we are proud to support any musical endeavor!

"The internet has too many options with too little reliable information for anyone seeking a quality instrument in a reasonable amount of time without going crazy with everything that's available and sorting out all the garbage in the process."

Fiddlerman.com is where it all began. A free online resource for every level of player seeking practical and accurate advice on learning the violin. As it gained popularity there was an overwhelming demand for advice on what to buy and where to buy it. This brought us to a discovery:

Fiddlershop is a family owned business, run by Pierre Holstein (Fiddlerman) and his son Michael Holstein. Fiddlershop's goal is to bring you affordable quality instruments and accessories and help maintain costs of the very popular website that teaches you to play the violin for free. Visit Fiddlerman.com to learn more!

Fiddlerman & Founder
Pierre Holstein, aka Fiddlerman, has  played the violin for over 40 years and performed professionally as a violinist for over 30 years in both United States, Europe, and Asia, holding positions as concert master and section leader in full time symphony orchestras. He has also coached and taught many professional violinists as well as beginning violinists and students.

His goal is to provide all violinists, beginners and advanced, a friendly place to visit, learn, and improve what we all love doing via the learning site Fiddlerman.com. Through Fiddlershop he wants to provide musicians with affordable instruments and accessories. The goal is to provide the greatest products for the lowest prices.

Michael Holstein has a background in Internet marketing and business. He helped his father "Fiddlerman" start and run Fiddlershop.com January 1st, 2012.

Michael is an expert in product development and online sales. He's an all arounder, doing anything from packing orders and talking to customers, to signing the closing documents at Fiddlershop's new warehouse.

Master Luthier
Felix Manuel Perez Cuza is originally from Cuba, and started working with stringed instruments in 1999. He has also worked as a Luthier in Mexico and Belgium.

In 2009 Felix Manuel Perez Cuza built his first violin, an instrument that won honors for sound production. He is also a talented violinist and has worked in different orchestras, as well as being involved in Luthiers without Borders.

Felix also plays the Viola, Cello, and Double Bass!

Apprentice Luthier
Luthier Sean Scott hails from Baltimore, Maryland where he attended Villa Julie College (now Stevenson University) as a collegiate lacrosse player.

His background as a craftsman in the marine industry helped him refine his skill in an array of media, including starboard and a variety of woods, and brought him to south Florida in 2015.

Sean's lifelong love of music, combined with his proficiency as a craftsman, drew him to Fiddlershop where he is now an apprentice of Master Luthier Felix Manuel Perez Cuza.

Master Luthier
Andres Martinez Bilva is originally from Cuba, where he started studying and working with antique furniture restorations in 1995. In 2003 he attended Luthier school and in 2010 he was working as a professional Luthier. With over 20 years of experience in the fine woods industry and a fine eye for detail, Andres knows how to work with wood!

Andres started working with us in May of 2017 and has been a great addition to the team!

Customer Service Queen
When you call Fiddlershop, Cristina Burtscher is usually the one who answers. She joined our Fiddlershop family in the spring and is our newest employee.

Originally from Switzlerland, Cristina moved to Florida because of the warm weather and the beautiful beaches. Cristina speaks English as well as German fluently and is gifted with being organized, and having an extreme attention to detail. 

We are very happy to have Cristina work as our customer service representative/office assistant.

Social Media Guru
Originally hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Joe Capalbo is a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

While still in school, he started teaching music at the Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester, MA, where he received the Berklee Urban Service Award for his dedication and passion to his work. Shortly after graduation, he started teaching music all throughout South Florida.

He is a multi-instrumentalist, proficient in guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, piano, music production, music theory, and more. With an obvious love of music, Joe is now the social media guru behind Fiddlershop, creating content for all of our social media platforms, writing blogs, expanding Fiddlershop’s online presence, digital marketing, and much more!