GCV Cremona Violin - Bourrée Strad
GCV Bourrée Strad Violin Review

GCV Bourrée played with our Quality Pernambuco Bow

These violins combine agility, accuracy, good projection, and a certain amount of “complexity” at an extremely affordable price.

The GCV Bourrée 750ES is made in the GCV workshop supervised by senior luthiers. GCV won two VSA silver medals for tone, and numerous international awards and certificates. Only select tone woods are used to make these instruments. During the process of making, the makers perform specific calibration to optimize the tonal qualities of each instrument. At the end, an experienced fitting specialist from either Howard Core or Fiddlershop will complete the final setup. Our instruments are then tested by Fiddlerman himself for further adjustment (if needed) and approval before we ship them to you.

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GCV Cremona Violin - Bourrée Strad

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