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Barcus Berry Bass Pickup B3150

Barcus Berry Bass Pickup B3150
Brand: Barcus Berry
Product Code: B3150
Availability: In Stock
Price: $399.99 $230.99 & Free Shipping! Details

Barcus Berry Bass Pickup B3150

B3150: Clamp-On Bridge Bass Piezo Transducer with Preamp

Product Description:
Designed for miking the acoustic upright bass without permanently installing a transducer. Clamps easily to bass bridge and removes easily - no drilling or tools needed. This transducer is a favorite for its ability to capture the full musical range of the upright - delicate tones to deep lows. Includes the 3000A preamp.

Features & Benefits:
• Clamp-style pickup can be easily attached to or removed from any standard-type bridge. No drilling or tools needed.
• Equally responsive to delicate high tones and deep lows.
• Delivers a full musical range of upright basses.

Quality Materials & Components Included:
• Pickup/Transducer: Clamp-style piezo bass transducer
• Preamp: 3000A Piezo Buffer Preamp with EQ
• One set of rubber feet (4 each)
• Attachable belt clip with one set of "dual lock" attachment strips
• Velcro strap
• Black metal strap-mounting bracket with one set of adhesives
• Installation instructions

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