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Violin Tailpieces

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Violin Tailpiece Adjuster - Sacconi
Sacconi Tailpiece Adjuster for Violin. Guaranteed not to break or strip. For Violin Sizes: 4/4 3/..
Titanium Tail Gut for Violin / Viola
Titanium Violin / Viola Tail-gut (Tailpiece Adjuster) High-Strength Synthetic Fiber Core * ..
Hill Style Tailpiece with Built in Fine Tuners
Highest quality Indian woods. We had these made at a 108mm length (shorter than the average tailp..
$29.00 $19.00
Professional High-grade Acoustical "Harp" Violin Tailpiece
This tailpiece design allows for a slightly longer string length, meant to enhance resonation and..
Based on 2 reviews.
Glasser Tailpiece - 4/4
Glasser Tailpiece - 4/4 Built in tuners on each string. Ideal for steel string set up and easy fi..
Hill Model Tailpiece
Hill Model Tailpiece for full sized violins - Comes plain, just like the picture shows ..
$13.00 $11.50
Tulip Shaped Tailpiece
Available in Ebony, Rosewood and Boxwood. ..
$11.70 $8.95
Based on 1 reviews.
French Model Tailpiece
Available in Ebony and Rosewood ..
$13.00 $11.50
Violin Carbon Composite Tailpiece with Fine Tuners
Generic Carbon Fiber Composite Violin Tailpiece with built-in fine tuners for each string. Ideal ..